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15th to 18th of June

Play Secure explores the overlaps between play and security. Finding and looking at ways that games can be used in modelling real life scenarios to help in decision-making and ways that game systems can be hacked. From D&D-styled incident response exercises to sessions on the psychology of play in creativity, our conference will give four interactive days of talks, games, and workshop sessions devoted to play and security.

Designed to be global and online-first, highly interactive, with a wealth of content on security, gaming, and the areas in between, you won't find anything else like this.

  • Tabletop incident pre-enactments as attacker, defender, and stakeholder teams

  • CTFs

  • Threat modelling card games

  • Play Security Poker

  • Anything that brings together play and security

  • Hop freely between tables and mingle in small groups in the session halls

  • Find out what MMORPGs can teach us about security and business crisis management

  • Learn how a board game can teach network security and DDoS

  • Find the fun in security by design

  • How can gamification be made to work, and how can it fail?

Both standard and supporter tickets are now available. Supporter tickets will get you a personalised table in the networking area

Tickets available!

We’’ll be running a series of micro-events through 2022 and into 2023, and have great plans for the 2023 conference. Sign up here to stay up to date with the latest news!

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